2. what I’m reading, watching, listening to, contemplating, thinking about.

A few things I have been reading, watching, listening to, contemplating….

Watching: Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story on Netflix by Shonda Rhimes

If you watch Queen Charlotte, then this is a necessary read by Nylah Burton for Women’s Health Mag: ‘The Bridgerton’ Universe Has a Marital Rape Problem – And It Needs to Stop’. It’s not a bit. And it’s not funny.

Even if you don’t watch Queen Charlotte, reading Nylah’s work is necessary.

Watching: Dr. Thema Bryant’s sermon at Morehouse College on the intersection of mental health and faith. A must watch.

Reading: Finding Me by Viola Davis – It felt heavy and harrowing. I grew in my appreciation for the woman Ms. Viola Davis is. Reading her autobiography has made me want to go back and rewatch all of her works.